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Sportsync was founded in 2016 by former NCAA athletes who saw the potential in bridging the gap between sports and academia. We provide a platform for students to show their skills and talents in sports through an online sports resume- connecting them to University sports coaches all over the world.

We continually work towards developing these young student athletes by giving them an opportunity to gain world-class training. These opportunities are presented to them through sports scholarships. We want to open doors for student athletes to step into a pathway towards


    Remi Dujardin

    “My advice would be to make the most of everyday by finding ways to get 1% better than the day before.”

    “Sportsync gave me the opportunity to earn a University degree which has allowed me to explore other industries outside of football. This gives me confidence in knowing that I have something to fall back on should my football career suddenly end.”


    Rachel Tam

    "The opportunities in volleyball have been ever increasing with more scholarships being offered to athletes."

    "Sportsync provided me with all the necessary tools for my application process to college. Whether it be building my sports resume, highlight videos, or SAT prep; they ultimately connected me to more than 20 scholarships!"


    Marco Cheung

    “Playing abroad has not only helped me physically as a player but also mentally.”

    “Before Sportsync, the opportunities in Hong Kong that were available to me were limited. I felt like I had no other options; but after talking with Sportsync and meeting coaches from the US, I found a new pathway that I could pursue.”


    Philip Wong

    “The most important part of being a student athlete is to put a balance between sport and studies.”

    “The fact that Sportsync was able to take my passion for soccer to get me a scholarship to study in the US was incredible! I got the best of both worlds. If I studied in another country, I am confident I would still be able to study the program of my choice. However, I would have certainly not been able to reduce the financial burden on my family and may have had to have given up on playing football altogether.”


Hard work, commitment, leadership are some of the characteristics that describe a world-class athlete. Our Sportsync athletes Remi, Rachel, Marco and Philip all embody these traits. They hold the values we have at Sportsync, and they only represent four athletes out of the hundreds of student athletes we have in our family.

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Sportsync’s world wide reach helps promising young athletes in achieving their goal of becoming a successful student athlete on an international scale.


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Your Sportsync Adventure Starts Here Today! With the help of our state-of-the-art user-friendly interface, you can create your own Sportsync profile that doubles as your student-athlete resume, and the first step to kickstarting your student-athlete career. Once your profile is finished, your resume will be viewed by thousands of universities across the globe, highlighting all of your strengths, accomplishments and what you can bring to the table, giving you everything you need to PLAY YOUR WAY IN!

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Our Sportsync team is made up of former college athletes who know everything there is about being a student-athlete, all the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Our team is made up of former college athletes who know everything there is about being a student-athlete, all the highs, the lows, and everything in between.


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