We help countless athletes across Asia find amazing opportunities to further their academic and athletic careers; whilst aid coaches to find the most dynamic talents in the world.

What we stand for

Hard work, commitment, leadership are some adjectives used to describe a great athlete. Remi, Rachel, Marco, and Philip all demonstrate these traits and even more. They are the physical embodiment of the values we hold at Sportsync and are only four of the hundreds of students a part of our family.

Our drive is through our athletes; without them our purpose is meaningless and without drive our purpose isn’t possible.

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Who we are

Sportsync was founded in 2016 by former NCAA athletes who saw a lack of awareness of sport into academia. Our company provides a platform for students to demonstrate their skills and talents through an online sports résumé. In addition to connecting them to a pool of coaches from world class universities.

We strive for the success of our countless student applicants by connecting them to sports scholarships that will give them a new chance for better education and world-class training.

Play Your Way In

Start Your Journey Today! Creating a profile on Sportsync’s innovative, user-friendly platform is the first step to a successful student-athlete career. Once created, your profile will serve as a student-athlete resumé accepted by universities around the world. By highlighting your strengths and accomplishments, a Sportsync profile will help you to PLAY YOUR WAY IN!

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Meet the team

Our business is all about people. Our people are what makes Sportsync great! Our team is made up of former athletes who know the process, the struggles and the triumphs of being a student-athlete.

Magnus Leung
Co-Founder and
Managing Director

Bobby Yung

Michael Luk

Paul Ling
Chief Technology Officer

Casey Wan
Senior Business Development Manager

Jonathan Mui
Operations Manager

Melissa Lai
Client Manager

Cedric Wong
Head of Client Management

Konstantine Dekaneas
Business Developer and Recruiter

Stacy Castañeda
Graphic Designer

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Student Athletes experience high level training
at the 2019 Sportsync Showcase

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2019 Sportsync Soccer Showcase Invitational

Sportsync’s best athletes compete in the annual Soccer Showcase before some of the best coaches from top programs around the world.

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Class of 2019 Orientation

We are so proud to see off our class of 2019, a class packed with talent, brains, and commitment to success. They represent what Sportsync is all about!

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