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4 key reasons to become a student athlete

Written By: Stacy

1. Being a student athlete provides discipline. Self-discipline stems from the ability to set goals, prioritize day-to-day tasks, and execute. Examples of this include waking up before the sun, eating right and getting enough sleep every night. Discipline means staying in when everyone else is going out. It means seeking a tutor if you need help in a class, or staying at work after hours to get ahead for tomorrow. Regardless of the task, the primary differentiator between failure and success boils down to self-discipline. 2. Financial Security. Athletes have a great opportunity to pay for a good part of their college through scholarships, something that not everyone gets to experience. With so many people racking up school debt before they graduate, getting your education paid for is definitely an advantage. Between getting room and board paid for and all the other amenities that come with being an athlete, like free medical care in some cases, depending on the sport at hand, an athlete can save upwards to $120,000 USD. 3. Education. The NCAA and NAIA is making requirements for being a college athlete much more rigorous when it comes to maintaining an education. Being a athlete often requires much more focus that goes beyond the classroom and beyond a college campus. Having a higher GPA means getting into better schools, potentially having better career choices, and leads to much better networking. 4. Career. Not many people have the opportunity to become a student athlete and be a part of an elite group of people that others may not have a chance of knowing. Being a student athlete requires a lot of socialisation, communication skills, and team building; all traits that work well for a resume and into the real world. Employers also recognise the accomplishments that young athletes have and often take that into account when considering one for a job.